Military-Entertainment Complex Expands

Imgbigabout Creative Technologies Incorporated -- the Hollywood-based company that grew out of the Army's gaming lab at USC -- is pairing up with defense megalith Boeing to collaborate on new sim tech for land forces.

Among other things, the Army wants technology to help cannoneers stay in practice. According to the news release announcing the partnership, the companies may explore field-artillery simulation for soldiers who are in the field or home between deployments. That's particularly important these days: in Iraq, many field artillery units have been handed convoy duty, civil affairs and military police missions, and Army leaders have been worried about erosion of high-end combat skills if artillery crews can't spend time on gunnery ranges.

This also looks like a timely business move. As Noah noted here earlier, the Army has launched a $50 million push to develop videogames that will help prepare troops for combat. This builds on the service's interest in using videogames as a recruiting tool; Army Training and Doctrine Command even has an office for gaming.

[PHOTO: Creative Technologies Incorporated]


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