Perjury claim vs. trooper - Statie had won praise from MADD

A state trooper recognized by Mothers Against Drunk Driving as a scourge of boozers behind the wheel is being investigated in connection with allegations of brutality and lying on the witness stand - potentially threatening her cases - the Herald has learned.

Trooper Kathleen T. Carney was stripped of her service weapon and cruiser last week after a Dec. 1 duty status hearing stemming from allegations of brutality in the drunken-driving arrest of a 35-year-old Quincy woman, Patricia J. Dooling, on the night of Aug. 28, according to sources.

Testifying in a separate drunken-driving case against a 26-year-old Taunton man in Quincy District Court on Nov. 24, Carney was asked by a defense attorney whether she faced any potential disciplinary action, according to the attorney and sources.

Though the brutality investigation was ongoing, Carney denied it, said attorney Ed Sharkansky and two sources with direct knowledge of the case and investigation. Sharkansky’s client’s case is still pending.

The next day, Carney showed up in Quincy District court to testify in another drunken-driving case against a 57-year-old Florida man. But sources say prosecutors refused to put her on the stand - and records show the case was dismissed.

“She cannot testify in Norfolk County,” a source told the Herald. “Her credibility was brought into play.” Another source said the Norfolk District Attorney’s office is moving to continue all of Carney’s considerable caseload throughout the county. Spokesman David Traub declined comment.

Dave Procopio, spokesman for the Massachusetts State Police, would only confirm that Carney had been placed on restrictive duty pending the completion of an internal investigation.

Carney, known for her hawkish pursuit of OUI suspects out of the Milton barracks, received the Drive for Life award from MADD last year.

In March 1999, Carney was dragged 40 feet by a car that she had pulled over on Route 495 in Raynham. She narrowly escaped injury and managed to break the window with her flashlight and arrest the man.

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