Sheriffs’ Deputies in Yucaipa, CA Pilot the Presynct Report Network Paperless Field Based Incident Reporting

Pilot program demonstrates Sheriffs’ deputies save an extra 10 minutes per incident report which could mean a savings of 9,374 hours per year with Presynct Report Network

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – The San Bernardino County Sheriffs’ Office is piloting the Presynct Report Network field based incident reporting software at Yucaipa Station, as reported 11/27/2008 in the San Bernardino Sun (www.sbsun.com/ci_11091238), to ensure that it performs as it should and meets the needs of the Sheriffs’ Office. Deputies in Yucaipa Station have already saved significant patrol hours since the Presynct Report Network was installed. The Sheriffs’ Office is hoping to obtain grant funds to purchase Presynct for County-wide implementation. The pilot was recently extended to include a second of the county’s 24 patrol stations. The Sun reported that a study of the Presynct Report Network paperless incident reporting software shows that Yucaipa Station is saving an extra 10 minutes or so per report. The study also shows that the Presynct Report Network could save more than 9,374 hours each year if all Sheriffs’ patrol deputies were using Presynct instead of returning to the station or handwriting incident reports.

“That extra 9,374 hours is the equivalent of another 4.5 full-time patrol officers in the field and translates to a substantial dollar savings every year,” said Tim Pakes, Vice President of Sales for Presynct Technologies. “The most recent survey of Sheriffs’ Offices conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics found that the 2003 base starting salary for entry-level deputies ranged from $23,300 to $38,800,” added Pakes, “and that would mean a savings of between $104,850 and $174,600 every year for those extra 9,374 hours just based on 2003 entry-level salaries!”

The Presynct Report Network is a flagship product of Presynct Technologies. Inc. Presynct is the only incident reporting software that is forms-based at the data entry level and can integrate with proprietary records management systems. When the incident reporting process is automated with Presynct Report Network, users see on the computer screen a duplicate of the paper-based form they’ve been using all along. As a result, user acceptance of the automated incident reporting process is quick and easy, and user training on the automated system is minimal. Essentially, report writers trade pen and paper incident form for a keyboard and computer screen. The agency’s native forms are automated then utilized from report creation all the way through distribution and archiving. Officers and Supervisors fill out reports using either a mobile client or their current local area network. Built within the Presynct Report Network is a complete approval-rejection tracking process. Finalized incident reports can be shared with others using the built-in paperless report distribution process for additional cost savings. Information contained in the forms is stored in a SQL database for later retrieval and analysis.

The Sun staff writer can be reached at stacia.glenn@inlandnewspapers.com

About Presynct Technologies, Inc.
Presynct Technologies, Inc. entered the public safety market with 15 years of experience in the healthcare market. The Presynct Report Network is the only law enforcement forms based incident reporting system that offers two versions of their application—the on-site version for purchase and the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California. For more information, visit www.presynct.com or call 1-866-PRESYNCT.

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