Stout: The Case of: The Persecuted Prosecutor, Eaves Dropped!, or... California Sour Grapes"

SAN BERNARDINO, CA -- Assistant District Attorney Dan Lough has filed a
$1.6-million lawsuit against the county, alleging the Sheriff's
Department unlawfully made him a target of political spying. The suit
filed Monday claims the department "has for many years engaged in
political espionage." At the request of a corruption task force, former
Rialto Councilman Ed Scott secretly recorded dozens of conversations
with Lough, District Attorney Dennis Stout and a county investigator.
The taping occurred during Scott's campaign last year to unseat
Supervisor Jerry Eaves. Prosecutors were investigating Eaves at the time
and court transcripts indicate Stout and Lough discussed the Eaves probe
and advised Scott in his campaign. Scott narrowly lost the election.

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