Gang of Off-Duty Police Assault Cameraman

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Officers Caught-On-Video Damaging Camera While Seeking to Intimidate Free Speech and Assault Journalist

JonesReport.com | September 19, 2007

A gang of off-duty New York police assaulted a cameraman, shouted verbal epithets and damaged a camera on a side street near Times Square just days before the sixth anniversary of 9/11.

The cameraman, Aaron Dykes, was filming a 9/11 Truth group that was passing through the street en route to Fox Studios only a few blocks away. Off duty police officers and other members of their group began shouting "a**holes" at the 9/11 truth group when one of the officers told the cameraman to "stop filming" and warned "I wouldn't walk this way," referring to the sidewalk he was blocking off.

The police included officers from throughout New York state (according to some of the recognized badges, which included one from Nassau County, NY) and may have come from other locations as well.

When Dykes refused to stop filming, another officer stepped up to batter the camera while stating "How you doing tonight." (see still frames below)

This prompted yet another officer to shove on the cameraman, saying "Get your f'n camera out of here."

This was witnessed by on-duty officer Donnellan who told the temperamental cops to ignore the cameraman. However, this did not stop the rest of the crowd from unleashing on the cameraman.

This off-duty cop ordered the on-duty officer to "Get that camera out of here right now," referring to the Infowars cameraman filming in the public street.

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