Air traffic control opens at SBD

Air Traffic Controllers Darrell Bloomer, above, and Dawn Miller keep an eye and ear on things in the newly-refurbished control tower at San Bernardino International Airport.

At this time, Air Traffic Controllers Darrell Bloomer and Dawn Miller, along with the rest of the traffic control staff, are working in an “advisory” capacity for local traffic.

Planes using the airport may communicate with the tower (and most do) but are not required to. But starting Dec. 1, the air traffic controllers will be the final authority for movement at the airport, and all flights into and out of the airport will be required to communicate with the tower. They are employed by Serco North America, which provides air traffic control service for some 15 airports in Southern California. The 12-story tower operates from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. It played host to about 300 pilots and other airport-related visitors during an open house Nov. 8.

The tower is just part of the airport story.

The new passenger terminal is expected to open by the end of the year in time to begin scheduled service with an airline still to be announced.

The newly expanded Leland Norton Way now has a traffic signal at Third Street and will provide quick access to the terminal when it opens.

New construction is planned for Third and Fifth streets, financed by the Inland Valley Development Agency, which also is footing the bill for other street improvements, including Tip-pecanoe Avenue, Del Rosa Drive and Harry Sheppard Boulevard, to improve traffic to and from the airport.

The hangar service complex continues to grow with more services and employees, boosting local employment and the local economy.

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