Venezuelan Elections

November 25, 2008
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Regional elections were held in Venezuela this past Sunday where pro-Chavez candidates of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela won 17 of the 23 contests of the day. However, if you had been reading the New York Times report by Simon Romero you would have been given the impression that pro-Chavez allies suffered a “stinging defeat” against the opposition and that Chavez was losing critical support.
Narco News’ Publisher Al Giordano clears the air:
“Imagine if elections for all 50 state governors in the United States were held on a single election day and 74 percent of those seats (or 37 out of 50 governorships) went to one political party's candidates. Imagine also that the victorious party's candidates had won 52.5 percent of all votes to just 41 percent for the opposition (the technical definition of an electoral landslide is a victory of ten percentage points or more).
“If a New York Times reporter - or any reporter - then wrote the story of the election results and called it a ‘stinging defeat’ for the victorious party, wouldn't he be laughed off of his beat?
“…Here's the most interesting piece of data from Sunday's elections in Venezuela: On Sunday, the Chávez coalition won 1.3 million more votes than it had been able to garner in the December 2007 referendum, and the opposition received 300,000 fewer votes than it had gained eleven months ago.”
To find the rest of Giordano’s rebuke of Romero’s report, visit us online at Narco News:

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