Report will reveal findings of investigation into Ontario-Montclair school board member's actions

The report of the investigation of the actions of Ontario-Montclair School District board member Paul Vincent Avila will be available at Thursday night's board meeting.

Legal representatives from Liebert Cassidy Whitmore will provide an overview of the investigative process and significant finding of accusations made against Avila.

Avila is alleged to have raised his voice at the principal and vice principal of Serrano Middle School before a June 18 award ceremony.

Avila was upset, according to witnesses, when his name wasn't on the program.

On Sept. 4, the board voted to hire Liebert Cassidy Whitmore to serve as the legal investigative consultant regarding Avila's actions.

Teachers Association president Rick McClure has made multiple requests Avila resign or that the board censure him because of his actions.

However, McDaniel said it was inappropriate to take action to censure Avila or to request his resignation, chosing instead to urge the board to hire the investigator.

"It is in the best interest of the district and the community that there is a formal investigation made by a law firm not associated with the OMSD to conduct a thorough investigation for the board to review," McDaniel said.

OMSD meeting begins at 7 Thursday at Central Elementary School, 415 E. G St., Ontario.

At 6:30 p.m. a reception for trustees McDaniel and Bob Hardy, outgoing board members, will take place in the elementary school's hallway area before the meeting.

Newly elected board members Sam Crowe and Maureen Mendoza will be sworn in at the next board meeting.


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