From the PE: Investigators searched S.B. county supervisor’s office

From the PE: Investigators searched S.B. county supervisor’s office

It will be interesting to find out what the investigators were looking for that Jim Erwin might have had. Supervisor Derry seems confident that the search involved only the assessor’s activities.

Investigators searched S.B. county supervisor’s office

San Bernardino County Supervisor Neil Derry said this afternoon that his top aide’s office was searched by investigators this morning as part of the investigation into Assessor Bill Postmus.

Jim Erwin, Derry’s chief of staff, is a longtime Postmus ally who served as assistant assessor until late 2007 when the two had a falling-out.

Derry said he was personally notified that the search was going to take place by District Attorney Michael Ramos at 7:05 a.m.

“He wanted to give me a heads-up that this investigation is strictly related to the assessor’s office,” Derry said.

The supervisor said he does not know what investigators were looking for or if they found anything during the 90-minute search.

“I’m pleased that the DA’s office is aggressively pursuing this matter,” he said.

Derry said he did not want to comment on the allegations against Postmus so as not to compromise the board’s recent decision looking into the possible removal of Postmus from his position.

However, Derry said the arrest and any evidence that may come to light as a result could speed up that process if the board decides to go forward.

County Counsel Ruth Stringer told the board that the removal process could be lengthy and expensive, requiring the board to present evidence of wrongdoing against Postmus.

“If it’s very clear and the evidence is on its face evident that laws were broken that would be a different story,” Derry said.

The board may not have to do its own investigation, he said.

Derry noted that Postmus would be removed from office by law if convicted.

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