Speedball Beer Facing Sales Ban


HEY! I wanted drugs, not beer…

A beer called Speedball has been criticised amid claims it promotes the drugs mix that killed actors John Belushi and River Phoenix. Speedballing is the name given to combining heroin and cocaine.

A complaint has been upheld against Fraserburgh’s BrewDog under the drinks industry watchdog the Portman Group’s code of practice.

However, a BrewDog spokesman said Speedball was “for those who enjoy a quality beer responsibly”.

David Poley, Portman Group chief executive, said the marketing was grossly irresponsible.

He said: “The blurring of alcohol and illicit drugs fosters unhealthy attitudes to drinking and trivialises drug misuse.

“BrewDog is profiteering from the scourge of illegal drugs, mocking the misery caused by misuse

But is the beer any good?

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