Rest in Peace victims of Terrorism: Murdered in 2008 by Law Enforcement in Los Angeles

Edwin Arevalo, 22 – February 29
Cypress Park – Shot while Running from police. Never shot at police. Was killed by Metro Division of LAPD

Ruben Walton Ortega, 23 – July 1
Shot in the back by Inglewood police. He had no gun. He was holding up his pants and was shot because police thought he was reaching for a gun.

Kevin Wicks, 38 – July 21
Inglewood police responded to the wrong home for a domestic dispute call. When he opened the door, they thought they saw a gun and shot him. He was killed by Brian Ragan

Byron San Jose, 25 – February 27
Was shot by LAPD after a car chase. He was a passenger in a car that looked like the car that the police were pursuing. They mistook a mic stand that he was holding for a gun.

Roketi Su’e, 46 – May 17
Murdered by Long Beach Police while they were trying to arrest him. He was already subdued after succumbing to a beating. He was shot while he was on the ground. He had no weapons. The 40 + neighbors who witnessed everything were outside and upset, so police called a tactical alert and locked down the neighborhood.

Marco Gomez, 31 – May 2
Shot and killed by Eric Rose and Kevin Raines of Newton Division of LAPD (who also oversee downtown LA). He never shot or threatened the police. He was seated and could not hear their commands to get up.

Ilda Ebe Grasso, 52 – June 10
Was shot when she was pulled over by Highway Patrol in Alhambra. They claimed to have seen a weapon, but it was her grandchild’s toy in the car.

Sergio Sedillo, 26 – April 2
Killed by LA Harbor Police Department in Wilmington. He went out guns blazing.

Jonathan Taylor, 24 – April 11
Shot outside El Segundo Theatres in a shoot out with the police.

Bryan Moore, 26 – June 26
Murdered by Compton police while running away from them. He had no gun.

Michael Byoune, 19 – May 11
Was shot and murdered while riding in the passenger seat of a car. They were in the drive thru of Rally’s in Inglewood when police thought they heard gunshots, so they riddled their car with bullets. No guns!

Jason Geggie, 26 – July 31
He was an off duty LAPD. He was killed by Long Beach police for not putting away his gun.

Maurice Cox, 36 – March 1
Killed after fleeing a hit and run that he was involved in. He fled the police and ran into a bank parking lot where the police shot him to death because they could not catch up. The incident was caught on tape by Alex Alonzo

Glen Boldware, 47 – January 4
He was followed by police in an unmarked car for “stealing lumber from a yard”. When Mr. Boldware stopped his car and stepped out, the police shot at him. He had no gun.

Michael Cho, 25 – January 1
La Habra police shot and killed this unarmed artist after they claimed to have been threatened by a tire iron. Mr. Cho was shot 10 times. He had no tire iron. The man the police were looking for was spotted elsewhere with a tire iron.

Christian Portillo, 35 – July 23
Murdered by Sherriffs in front of his home in Lennox. He was waiting in his car for his girlfriend when the sheriff crept up beside him. Sherriffs claimed he reached down for something when he was shot, yet he was shot point blank in the heart. No gun, no drugs were found anywhere near him. Sherriffs also claimed that he was wanted drug dealer, yet everyone knew he was not.

Eddie Felix Franco, 56 – August 31
Was a homeless man on Market St. in Inglewood. When police attempted to “sweep” him off of Market St., he refused. They asked him to put his hand in the air, but he refused. He never acted violently, or had a weapon, hut he was killed for not obeying orders. The many bullets from the Inglewood police hit a passerby and Mr. Franco’s dog.

Eric Liebowitz, 35 – August 5
Mr. Liebowitz was killed at his home in Encino. Police claim he had a shotgun and attempted to shot at them.

Richard Dale, 54 – April 19
Torrence police reported to his home for complaints of loud music two times in one night. When they arrived the music was off. On the second trip, they claim that Mr. Dale came out and attempted to shoot them.

Carlos Castillos, 22 – February 16
He was killed by Rampart division of Los Angeles police. After being profiled for a crime, police asked him to drop his gun, but claim that he pointed it at them. He was killed at 3:30 pm on an intersection near MacArthur Park when children are walking home from school.

Mohammad Usman Chaudhry, 21 – March 25
Was murdered by police in Hollywood. He was a sleep by some bushes on the street in Hollywood. When police approached him, they claim that he produced a knife and stabbed one of them. Mr. Chaudhry was shot to death. Police did not report if they had beat him before he was shot to death.
Deshoun Torrence, 18 – July 12
He was injured by homeowners during a residential robbery. When Long Beach police arrived they placed him in the back of the squad car rather than in an ambulance. Mr. Torrence died in police custody due to the injuries before his arrest.

Glenn Patrick Rose, 25 – May 13
Killed by CHP in Pomona after a car theft. He was shot as he was trying to flee. Police claim to have been threatened by the car.

Daniel Leon, 22 – February 21
Was killed by Los Angeles police in Highland Park. He was said to have shot a man walking with his 2-year-old daughter. According to police, when police stopped Leon, he pointed an AK-47 at them

Edwin Rivera, 20 – February 7
Was killed after a stand off with police. Mr. Rivera was mentally ill and killed his family members.

Ryan Gonzalez, 26 – March 5
Mr. Gonzalez intervened on an argument that was turning violent between and off duty police officer and his wife off of Melrose avenue. When he tried to stop the abuse, the off duty officer shot and killed him.

Samuel Om, 21 – May 13
Mr. Om was pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving. When he was stopped, he got out of the car and was shot by the CHP. The police claim he got out and pointed a gun at them.

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